Thursday, April 5, 2007

Pentax K10D is so sexy!

Ain't it look sexy with the battery grip? I think it tops the award for best design. I had a Canon 30D with BG-E2, and it looks as if it's and afterthought, or rather the designer just made something functional without bothering with its look. Wanna look nice on Canon, buy that 1D series, they said.

I like the design for the fact that, I don't have to remove the battery cover on the camera to fit it in. Two batteries reside in different compartment, one in the body, the other in the battery grip. The additional space in the battery grip is cleverly designed to store a SD card, and the remote control unit if available. In the K10D, you can set the power management, which battery to drain first, or Auto.

The best part is make the K10D look incredibly sexy!

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