Thursday, April 5, 2007

Shake Reduction Rocks!

Shake Reduction Rocks!, originally uploaded by wesleywsm.

I wanted to find out how well the CCD anti-shake (Shake Reduction in Pentax terms) works. I had a chance to test out a 300mm f/4.0 Carl Zeiss Jena lens. It's built like a tank, and weighs about 3.5-4Kg. Very heavy indeed.

Having it mounted to my Pentax K10D via the Pentax M42/K adaptor, I set the Shake Reduction focal length to 450mm, taking into account the 1.5x crop factor. Setting the ISO to 1600, only allows me a mere 1/40s shutter speed at the largest aperture setting of f/4.0.

Took a shot, and found that SR works, and works wonderfully too. Can't imagine any other way in such low shutter speed.

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Joe said...

Great shot -- but you made one mistake. Set the focal length to the SAME focal length as the lens, not 1.5x the focal length. In the Pentax manual, it says to use the focal length for this setting. The 1.5x is really a "crop factor" and does not actually multiply the focal length of lenses.