Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Test shot - DA 40 f/2.8

Test shot - DA 40 f/2.8, originally uploaded by wesleywsm.

I have been contemplating to get one of these Pentax limited prime lenses ever since I got my K10D. So finally went to a local camera shop, check out the following:

• DA 40 f/2.8 Limited
• DA 70 f/2.4 Limited
• FA 77 f/1.8 Limited

I like the FA 77 f/1.8 for the large aperture, however, CA (purple fringing) can be quite pronounced in contrasty lighting. The DA 70 f/2.4 on the other has no hint of CA. Quite amazing. Both lenses are sharp at wide open, impressive! Bokeh is also excellent.

Next, I tested the DA 40 f/2.8, and immediately like it because it has excellent resolving power, and the working distance is just right for me to take half to 3/4 length portrait shots. This is not a landscape lens, however, I reckon it will work well for street photography. You've got to admire how thin the lens is, when mount on the K10D.

This shot was deliberately taken to show off the bokeh quality of the DA 40 f/2.8. I admit I'm a bokeh freak, hence my choice of switching to Pentax. Somehow, most Pentax DA lenses seems to create depth (3D look) with excellent contrast, making my shots stand out. For the price I pay, I don't see how C and N-brand can rival.

I will post more sample shots a while later.

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