Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Test shot - DA 70 f/2.4

Yun-Qi (16 Apr 2007), originally uploaded by wesleywsm.

A quick test shot of the Pentax DA 70 f/2.4 with flash on my K10D. Manage to capture a nice pose of my elder daughter. Focusing hunts a little at low light but later found out that it was my mistake, for switching to AF-C by accident. This is truely an excellent lens for portrait, giving a 105mm FOV in 35mm terms.

This lens is very well built, just like the other DA pancake primes...in fully aluminium housing. There's a built in lens hood, and the lens cap has velvet covering in the inner side. Very professional looking, and when mounted on the K10D, it's about 3.5cm protrusion with lens hood fully extended.

This sample shot was taken at f/2.8. I would highly recommend this lens to anyone who want to do serious portrait work, within a working distance of 4-8 feet. You can never doubt the ability of this lens to deliver the most outstanding optical quality. Imagine how much you need to pay for a similar C or N-brand lens...

Another primary reason for choosing this over the FA 77 f/1.8 Limited is the lack of CA in high contrast lighting condition. I think the smc coating has been much improved to counter this. Sharpness at wide open aperture is very good, and excellent when stopped down to f/2.8 to f/4.0.

Any counter points, please feels free to comment. Thanks.

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Ed Simons said...

I bought the same lens and it was the only lens I took on a recent business trip to Taiwan. I think it is a fantastic piece of kit.

That is a beautiful image of a beautiful girl.